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Beautiful Fitted Wardrobes

Here at Custom Carpentry, we provide outstanding craftsmanship and expert advice to help you create the greatest fitted bedroom.

Whether you are renovating your entire room or simply trying to get things organised, our elegantly designed wardrobes are custom-made, in order to fit perfectly in any area of your bedroom. We allow you to utilise your space, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

If you want to maximise on storage and keep your space clutter free, custom-fitted wardrobes are an absolute must! Make the most of every inch by designing your built-in wardrobes to fit exactly where they are needed. Our made-to-measure wardrobes are stylish, long-lasting and cost-effective. Our unique designs run from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, providing you with 100% extra storage space.

Fitted Furniture To Suit Your Space

At Custom Carpentry, we design and install our bespoke fitted wardrobes to meet the exact dimensions of your bedroom, allowing you additional room for your clothes and shoes. Unlike freestanding wardrobes which leave unused room at the top, back and sides, with fitted wardrobes there is simply no wasted space! Angled walls, ceiling heights and alcoves are a welcome challenge! We are experts at creating bespoke furniture, fit for any bedroom and lifestyle.

Our made-to-measure wardrobes are built to meet your exact requirements, whether you would like sliding doors or traditional doors, handles or hidden fittings - we can help. We will also design the best storage solution for your needs with a range of drawer, shelving and rail options. We design furniture that suits your style and complements the rest of your room.

We stand out from the competition because of our dedication to quality, attention to detail and the development of your custom-made furniture. We work directly with our clients, and we will assist you in selecting the design, layout and colour scheme of your new wardrobes.

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Can we help curate the perfect use of space in your home with a fitted wardrobe? Improve your space with Custom Carpentry - get in contact today! View our online gallery for inspiration.

Sam and his team were very professional and I love my new wardrobes. I will definitely recommend them.
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