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bespoke carpentry Hastings

Beautiful Bespoke Carpentry East Sussex

Welcome to Custom Carpentry Sussex.

We take pride in being an extensively experienced and skilled team of carpenters serving Hastings, East Sussex. We have more than a decade of experience building superior quality carpentry solutions. Our committed team provide in-depth carpentry expertise and training. We are dedicated to designing and constructing beautiful furniture in our workshop based in the heart of East Sussex.

We stand out from the competition thanks to our quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. We always work with our customers, to make sure that the end product exactly matches your specifications. Our team can use their experience to work with you. We will create the perfect finished product that suits your needs, whilst being built to an incredible standard.

Why Choose Custom-Made Furniture?

One of the many benefits of bespoke furniture, is that we can build the ideal solution that perfectly fits into your property. You can choose the specific style, size and functionality that you want and we will ensure that it fits in perfectly.

We can give you advice on your design, whether you have an idea of what you want or if you are starting from scratch. We have comprehensive experience in creating incredible storage solutions! We make sure that they look stunning and make the best use of the space you have in your home.

We are a business offering premium carpentry services, built with durability in mind. This gives you a much sturdier alternative to many of the mass-produced options. We use high quality materials and offer cost effective pricing. This means that you'll have an amazing product, that is uniquely built for you.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Carpentry and Joinery Service

The professional team at Custom Carpentry, are devoted to being the foremost carpenters in our local area. We specialise in all aspects of carpentry, including the creation of appealing kitchens, media units, under stair storage and fitted wardrobes.

Our Process

The process starts with an initial design consultation, where we will discuss your needs and get an idea of what you want out of your project. After the design discussion we will then produce blueprints and plans of your design. The plans will be assessed by one of our surveyors, to make sure that they are faultless. After this, we will begin construction on your tailor made furniture, in our workshop. Finally, after it has been built, we will deliver and fit the newly built furniture into your home.

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